Arriving in Venice by car

For those arriving by car there is the possibility to leave the car in a cheap parking, € 5 per day, 5 km far from Venice

set Venice via Righi on the navigator

In via Righi, which is about 5 km from piazzale Roma, there are cheap parking lots.

Otherwise you can park directly in Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto with a cost of around 30 euros per day.

In via Righi there are several car parks where you can leave your car and there is also a ticket office for the bus to reach Piazzale Roma, where all the water buses leave from.

Buy tickets for the bus, the cost is 2 euros per person

Once entered in the bus, the ticket must be validated.

To reach the bus stop you have to walk 200 meters to the main street , all buses lead to piazzale Roma.

Once in Piazzale Roma, take the boat.

Left side to Calatrava bridge there is the ticket office which stays open until 11.00 pm.

If you plan to arrive later, is better to book tickets from the website

so as to be able to pick them up from the automatic machines at any time by entering the personal code.

The tourist ticket costs 7.5 euros and is valid 75 minutes from the validation and valid only for boats. The ticket must be validated at the entrance of the first boat that you take and later in any other coincidence. When validating or revalidating the expiring time is shown.

There is the possibility of making a tourist ticket valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours. The 24-hour ticket costs 20 euros. If you plan to use the vaporetto more than 4 times, it is recommended to take the tourist ticket.

Once you arrive in Piazzale Roma take the vaporetto for your destination

To return to the car if you have parked in Via Righi, you need to return to Piazzale Roma and take the bus. Be careful because the 24-hour tickets are also valid for buses, while single tickets for € 7.5 are not valid for buses.

Take bus number 2 or 4 or 6 and make sure they stop in via Righi, anyway ask always to the driver if the bus stop in via Righi. Via Righi is the first stop after the long bridge of Libertà. Remember to book the stop with the bell inside the bus otherwise the driver does will not stop.

Check that the tickets or tourist ticket in your hand are also valid for the bus

At the stop get off, go to the right and cross the street to reach the parking lots, pay with the receipt at the ticket office and take back your car. Have a nice trip !