The capital of love and death

The 36 capitals of the lower portico of the ducal palace are works of art carved by master stonecutters. The representations of the capitals refer to crafts, stars, vices, virtues and sins.

One of the most beautiful capitals of the portico is the twenty-fourth counting from Sospiri Brige, and which offers eight very significant scenes in the story of two lovers.

In the first scene, she talks to him from the balcony. In the second scene, turning around the capital, the two lowers meet each other, then they  exchange a gifts . Another scene shows the two boys lying in a bed, while the next one shows them with a newborn son.

The son grows up, then dies prematurely with the obvious desperation of the parents. The capital as a warning not to lie before having consecrated the marriage in front of  God in the church.

The punishment for this had been the premature death of the son.